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July 28, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, July 29, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I read the article today about Defense cut backs. It worries me to read articles like this when I hear and see so much waste in all areas of our government. I am hearing more people talking about food stamp recipients who sell their food stamp card money for fifty cent on the dollar to support their drug and alcohol abuse, while their little children go hungry. They also use their free cell phones our government gives them to make drug deals. There should be some way to make people more accountable for what they are given. A requirement for proof that the person using the card is actually the individual the card is issued to would reduce abuse of the system.

To the person that noticed S.L. Mason’s flags being weather worn. It’s not just S.L. Mason’s flags that look this way. I have a student that goes to a county school, and their flags are an embarrassment as well. All schools should start their new year with new flags.

Could the residents on Triple Lake Drive please get some assistance from the City of Dasher? This road connects Triple Lake Circle and Triple Lake Road and is used by all 30 residents and their families. The part that is in need of repair is the part the city owns. I have left and sent several emails and voice mails with no response. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

We still have honest people in the world. I was told by a couple of car places that I needed a set of tires. I went around pricing and stopped at Ray Norton Auto. Jim told me I just need to rotate them. That is one  honest man.

I would sure like to know where all of Echols County tax money is going. They sure aren’t using it to repair dirt roads. There are holes almost deep enough to swallow your tires, and if you do see a work crew they are usually standing around flapping their jaws or sitting. The dirt roads are terrible. Echols needs to get down to business and do something for the taxpayers.

Does the new VSU president realize that his recent policy decision is causing lots of resentment and dissatisfaction among his faculty because it is perceived as obviously unfair, arbitrary, and penalizing to those who have shown positive merit? Wake up, Prez!

Re the question of the week. Seems when we used to have three months of summer instead of two, there were a lot of advantages plus our education didn’t suffer. Maybe we need quality instead of quantity. I loved my summers. Now, why bother?