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November 14, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I take care of myself...very rarely sick and working full time, take care of my three children. And yes it is expensive when I go to the dentist or’s not because I don’t take care of myself, it’s because I do!

If the Obama Administration gets what they want in terms of defense cuts, modifying military retirement benefits and programs, health care, etc., our nation will eventually be at great risk with a much weakened military to defend her. They are cutting in all of the wrong places.

So because someone is a preacher, he or she should not make a nice salary and have a nice home? Some preachers have other, full-time jobs, outside the church, which is usually a full-time job itself. And even if the church is his full-time job, why should he make pennies?The job is much more than "just" preaching a sermon on Sunday morning. Sounds to me you think the preacher should give you part of his salary so you don't have to live on a budget and he will.

If schools need more money why not collect from the high school games? Thousands are made from them every year. Need more collect from the local tax office, millions are made from there. What about lottery? I assure you they all have a lot more money than I do. But by all means if you have extra money to give, you don't need a tax to go into effect. The schools are willing to accept all donations. Who knows, you may receive a tax write off from it.

Please go ahead and tell me what the excuse for Obama will be in 2016. When businesses close, less jobs, less work hours, less pay, a housing market crash, ever rising gas prices, rising cost of utilities, rising cost of groceries, less American armed forces, mandated health care all happening in the next four years. Will this too be the Republicans fault?

Tonight I saw the family down in Madison testing their Christmas lights. I really enjoy this lights show and I get to see it every night on the way home from work.

I recently required a few stitches from my doctor....the cost $550. To have them removed...$250. To be fair, I do pay for health insurance. So, I will only be required to pay about $600 of the cost. How can the average worker afford this?

It is a shame that on this Veterans Day, we are learning that thanks to Obama Care, we veterans are going to have to pay more for our health care, so that others that feel they are owed can get free health care.