Valdosta Daily Times

February 18, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing very many businesses making huge profits. I’m seeing more and more businesses closing. Did you read what one business owner said: “With all of the costs associated with operations, the owner is the first one to go without a paycheck, sometimes for months at a time!?” He’s not alone; this is quite common today. Stop looking at it as “us” against “them” and start concentrating on all “our” kids’ futures!

It’s funny how you say that people ignorantly state that an ARs’ only function is to kill people, when really, the purpose and function of any firearm is to threaten and kill people. I doubt the Chinese invented firearms over 1,300 years ago for any other purpose than that. They certainly didn’t invent it for the sole purpose of skeet shooting and competitions.

Under Obamacare, you will pay a tax for not having insurance. Back in the good ol’ days if you didn’t have health insurance, you were not taxed. What else will I be taxed for not having?

Great idea ... minimum wage $9 per hour. Get ready for everything to go up even more. So in the long run, nothing changes.

Seniors, be cautious on people calling to get you to buy Medicare.

Quit littering and act like adults! I’ve seen 2-year-olds pick up after themselves and whine less! Get over it and quit being so nasty! What do your homes look like?! Wrong focus - look in the mirror and clean it with some freaking Windex!

I didn’t realize Valdosta had so many people on the Senate Arms Committee to know exactly what the president said or did in a given situation. Where do you receive your intelligence debrief, oh I know....Fox News?

“The size of your paycheck shouldn’t determine your child’s future,” Obama told about 600 teachers and parents. So fund his free preschool increase by reducing government salaries and benefits. Obama said, “paycheck size shouldn’t determine a child’s future.” So make themselves less rich to help the poor. Then, will all that are Democrats remain so?

I recently had surgery at SGMC and to my pleasant surprise I received a card in the mail from a wonderful team of nurses. So a rave out to Barbara, Melody, Gwanda, Mandy and Kim for their great care and attention given that day and every day. Thank you and keep up your good daily works caring for your patients.