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February 14, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The AR-15 is a great hunting rifle despite what some would have you believe. Remington and others have produced ARs specifically for hunting in multiple calibers. The Sportsman Channel's Modern Rifle Adventures, dedicated to hunting with the AR platform, illustrates weekly how popular this rifle has become. I wish politicians and others would get a clue before ignorantly stating the AR's only function is to kill people.

The Tea Party response to the State of the Union is being given by a Republican. Why do the Republicans get two responses?

So, if health care was high before Obamacare, what has Obamacare done for those who need it or those who have it and can't afford to use it? The answer is nothing to benefit us. It will only raise costs and make it even harder to get quality health care. Obama might have good intentions, but didn't create an accurate solution.

Noticed an old mattress, Christmas tree and other trash on Orr Road yesterday. I guess we can look forward to more of the same as our new county garbage collection policy takes effect. I would stop and pick up this trash and take it to the nearest drop off center, but, oh yeah, they are all closed now.

The Valdosta BOE members were chosen by the people to represent the people. They should not have to get community input on who the superintendent should be. Most people outside of education do not understand what the job involves. The candidate should be picked based on qualifications and not skin color. That is discrimination.

We are paid $3 to $20 a hour less than other states or bigger cities. Yet Valdosta's cost of living has skyrocketed. Average hours and pay here is 20 hours and at $7.50/hour. Even if two people are working this, they can't survive or struggle to make ends meet. The problem started with greed, then exportation, and now it's technology. Some       states recently gave a raise to their minimum wage. It’s now a little over $9/hour. That's where we should be         also. Write your congressman.

I say that the taxes that were already being collected for trash disposal in Lowndes County go towards those living on fixed incomes and seniors to help with the       cost of trash collection. While $12.80 a month might not be much, some are already struggling just to eat and buy medication. Come on Lowndes, put our tax money to some actual good use!