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February 5, 2013

Rant & Raves for Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I would like to rave about the servers we had at Texas Road House Saturday. They went above and beyond. Will definitely be going back!!!

Is it really bothering you that much that the school zone at Westside is on for an extra hour a day? Is it really that inconvenient that you can't lower your speed for a grand total of a tenth of a mile, meaning you slow down for approximately 15 seconds before returning to non-school zone speeds?

Just because a person has a degree, diploma, master’s or doctorate doesn't mean he can or should do that as a career. All that means is that he paid for and passed tests to be certified. I know people with a license to drive who definitely shouldn't be behind a wheel.

Really frustrated with the comparison of drinking & driving and guns. I can't help but believe if a person who decides to drive a vehicle after they've been drinking, made a terrible decision which could result in a horrific ending, but by no means plan to find the nearest pedestrian to run down. However, if you point a gun at another person...your goal is CLEAR!

I'm tired of the media concentrating on only the two main political parties and then baiting them with whatever bad was said by someone in one of them. It's like a trouble maker egging on two people to fight, so they can have something to report. The focus should be on how can we work together and finally get something done. If we spend another four years bickering ... throw them all out and start over!

Signed up with Advanced Disposal. Two weeks and two phone calls later, still no bins. If the bins do show up, no glass can go in them. Backwards move, Lowndes County. A trash disposal company which does not take glass to recycle, calls it “contaminated,” is not exactly advanced or remotely green.

I felt so bad that I couldn't help the guy who gave me the “we lost our home and need a room for the night” story until I read the soliciting article. I did think it was odd that his wife and kid were sitting in a practically brand new car eating and had nice clothes on. He looked like he hadn't showered in days. I prayed they get the help they needed ... now I pray they get a different kind of help.

Rave to the VSU Theatre Dept. for their performance of “Free to Be ...  You and Me.” Our whole family enjoyed it, from the youngest to the youngest at heart. Thank you for a delightful evening!