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January 27, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Jan. 28, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Why are so many given permits to burn on windy days? One spark is all it takes to get out of control.

Obama must have made a C- in his civics class in school. He does not understand the Constitution and knows nothing about the Second Amendment.

The Lanier Co. Primary School had an excellent Pep Rally last week. A big thank you goes out to the boys basketball team for entertaining the students. The students had a fantastic time.

Explain to me how requiring a photo identification for voting denies voting to minorities and the poor. In each case where a law was adopted, there were provisions to give them out free to those who couldn't afford them and race had nothing to do with obtaining one. These laws were made to prevent multiple votes by the same person or by illegal immigrants.

A traffic light that stays red for two minutes? Ha...try five! The light at the corner of Burton and Oak streets needs to be addressed. That one has been ran many times.

To the Quitman Police Dept. officer that travels Lawson Pond Road between Morven and Hahira in the department's large black SUV, slow down! My cruise control is set on 62 on a clear day and you always pass me like I'm sitting still! Your lights or siren is not on so I'm assuming you are just traveling to and from work. If not, turn on your lights and siren!

Thursday morning went to the store and saw the shortage of ammunition being generated by the very people complaining about it. Two pallets of ammo and 30 people hovering like vultures on a dead possum. If everyone would buy normally, ammo would be plentiful and available for everyone. Sugar, coffee, gas are all caused by panic buying. Smarten up, folks.

Fires are now out of control because of burning allowed on windy days. Who pays for all the big trucks with equipment brought in, plane dousing the fire, and fire trucks? Hello? Men called in to work and risk their lives, our homes being at risk, not to mention the smoke our eyes and lungs have to endure. No matter who you are, you should not be allowed to burn on windy days!

I am wondering, when some are so afraid that they have to arm themselves with assault weapons, why do they want to keep doling these weapons out to everyone, no questions asked? If I was that afraid for my life, I certainly wouldn’t want just anyone to have weapons.