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January 21, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Jan. 21, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

- — At what point will people accept that there are such things as accidents, and as tragic as they may be, authorities cannot always be everywhere and prevent everything? I'm terribly sorry for the loss of a young man's life, but to accuse the sheriff's department of not doing enough and the school system for not protecting students is wrong. 

To the person who said: After a free election, how is this now a dictatorship? Bypassing Congress and writing executive orders is how. FDR did the same thing only to have several of his executive orders later ruled unconstitutional. If this were a Republican president doing the same thing, I bet you'd feel different.

What a shame that all schools in Berrien County don't allow teachers and staff to participate in dress down Fridays. If one school participates, it should be open to all schools. What a way to boost morale.

How about more sports page one stories on Valdosta basketball? They are doing really well and rarely get the coverage they deserve.

Be more concerned with what God thinks of you  than what people think of you. Love people and use things, not love things and use people.

So which one of Obama's great gun plans would have stopped the latest shootings? None of them! It's just another one of his attempts to take away our second amendment rights.

When I go into a sporting goods store and see guns and ammo plastered with imagery for "fighting Zombies," I think we should see some changes to America's gun laws. Just because we have the right to own firearms, doesn't mean we have to glamorize it. These are dangerous tools and shouldn't be made to look cool for false reasons to the wrong audience. 

May we all please look up and review the meanings of the terms democracy, dictatorship, and propaganda?

Thank you to the Raver complimenting Lonnie with Mediacom. Mediacom values his dedication to customer service and a job well done with our customers and appreciates you taking time to recognize him.

If people who are standing on the road asking for money make more in a single day than people who have jobs, then aren't the rest of us pretty stupid for working full-time jobs for less money? Why don't you go stand on a street corner and see how little money you will actually get and how humbling the experience is?