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January 7, 2013

Rants & Raves for Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — If family, relatives, neighbors, banks, churches, companies, or gamblers won’t loan money to us at a special low profit rate to better society, seems stupid for politicians to think there’s a good chance the loan will be repaid if government provides it. The government should not make loans that nobody else will make, and not intend others to, or bail them out.

I am just wondering how many homes we are going to lose to fire, before the county commissioners are going to take action and fix the broken volunteer system. I urge all citizens in the county to call your commissioner and urge them to put more attention toward fixing a very broken emergency system.

 Would the Valdosta Daily Times reprint what is needed to obtain a Georgia State Driver’s License. We are hearing conflicting stories of what is needed and would like  clarification please.

My wife and I just had our beautiful baby delivered at Smith Northview Hospital this past week. Everything went well and our stay was pleasant except for one thing. My wife and I wanted to share the photos of our lovely new baby with our friends and family on Facebook. Unfortunately the website was blocked along with nearly every other social networking site. Why does a hospital feel the need to block social networking sites?

It's not the schools/teachers job to teach morals. If "parents" would do their job teaching morals, teaching children to wash their hands, and how to eat with a spoon the teachers could do what they are there to do. There is more to being a parent then birthing the child.

To the guy who filmed the incident with police on Madison Highway, the last laugh is on you. You totally showed your ignorance. Hang your camera on the wall of shame.

The Valdosta Daily Times needs to do some investigative reporting on the Georgia Department of Corrections. Officers are afraid to use force against violent inmates, gangs dominate the dorms and flat-top, staff members are in fear of their lives. Drugs, cell phones, and weapons flow freely. Something bad is going to happen at VSP. Public safety should never be the handmaiden of state politics.

How does a passenger in a taxi get a ticket? Maybe they were being cited for disorderly conduct, or littering, or a number of other reasons. Just because someone rides a taxi doesn't mean they didn't do something wrong.