Valdosta Daily Times

January 2, 2013

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, January 2, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — After returning from WalMart Sunday, I was called. Someone found my wallet and would not turn it over to anyone else, waiting for me to return. She politely refused my gift of money. I was so touched I cried. Dear lady, you restored my faith that good people indeed exist. I wish I’d asked your name. Thank you.

When a person fails to pay child support, their driver’s license is revoked. Why don’t they revoke drivers’ licenses for those in arrears on student loans? Treat the financially irresponsible equally.

Container “royalties” were conceived in 1960 by unions to protect them from job losses created by containerized freight growth (innovation penalty). Fifty-two years later, unions threatened an East Coast port strike if the now absurd royalty stopped. They quickly got what they wanted. So, for quick changes in D.C., unite and threaten to stop working, like unions.

A thankful rave to the person(s) who gave us a $20 gift card at Crystal River before Christmas. May God bless you abundantly.

Would someone with good knowledge please explain the difference between  a Republican and a Democrat?

It is what is in your head and heart that determines if you go to heaven, not what church building you  go to.

Why is gas  8 to 10 cents more at one station than another? Report the price gouging!

Once again, I received bad customer service. From this moment, I vow to contact the corporate office of every business this happens at. As someone who works retail, I am respectful to every customer-service rep I encounter. I refuse to boycott anymore. Managers, take action. Expect better from your employees. Better yet, yourself.

If everyone would stop buying gas for just one day, the prices would drop dramatically. Imagine how much they would drop if America would stop buying for a week. Everyone needs to fill up on Friday and not buy gas the rest of the week.

Why is it that gun nuts speak with heightened relish, pseudo-sexual excitement, and enthusiasm about killing “aggressors?” Are they more interested in seeing blood spilled or justice prevail?

Thanks to a great photographer in the park who gave me a terrific photo of my son.