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February 23, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Visitation at funeral homes is a great way to show support for a grieving family. Please break from the tradition of having visitors stand in line for hours to greet the family. Simply have family members disperse throughout the crowd and speak to the individuals that came to see them.

Kudos to Ray at Waller Heat/Air! Numerous people have tried to fix my air with no luck. They’d tinker a little and it would work a short time then off again. Then I couldn’t get them back. It took him a 2nd trip to find the problem and fix it, but he did and it’s working beautifully now.

A Huge “Thank You” to Dr. Amanda Hall at Baytree Animal Hospital and the staff. Our dog, Daisy, had minor (major to us) surgery and they were so kind and compassionate; she did really great. They called us and gave us progress reports ; they went that extra mile to help us!!

Maybe it’s me but I don’t understand why talking on my cell phone in a parking lot or store is “ridiculous and dangerous.” Sure, if you’re walking and not paying attention. But let me ask this. You say that if one is talking on his phone then he can’t go a few minutes without a conversation. How do you know that’s not the first call I’ve taken all day? Most of us don’t have landlines anymore so our cell phones ring more than some. If I have a work call come in while I’m in Walmart, I should not answer it because it’s dangerous?

I do my very best to support local business as we have some fantastic local shops and restaurants in town. Please have the courtesy of checking your messages and responding to your customers, or they will be “shopping local” in other towns. If you have a Facebook page, respond to comments and messages. Otherwise, your page is useless and your customers will cease to be your customers.

I hear staff in the doctor offices and hospitals gossiping all the time. It is outrageous that they are allowed to continue this in and outside the offices. Years ago you would be fired instantly if you gossiped. Employers, please fire these loose tongues and set examples. Privacy statements are useless we have to sign. What a joke.

Don’t fall for some of the beggars online. They are no different than the ones that stand by the road for handouts. Get a job!