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February 20, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Those two Republican senators who voted against increasing the debt limit were voting responsibly. Those that voted for, were hedging re-election bids. When foreign nations stop extending the U.S. credit just because it can print more worthless money, people who rely on government assistance of any kind are going to get cut off and you can blame the federal government for its lack of leadership now.

If you added all the five previous presidents’ parties and vacations up, it would not touch the Obama families. If you added the 5 previous presidents’ debts up, it would not touch the Obama administration. If you added up all the biased, first time, "I'm gonna get mine" thinkers who voted Obama in, well you end up with what we have had for the last six years. Congratulations, you got yours — debt and waste.

I'm not against smoking pot. I would much rather see seniors or those on several meds smoking pot than taking a handful of pills. To all the others that want to just get buzzed, smoking one joint is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes. What is so cool about getting high, drunk, or smokin' crack or any other drug? Those who do look and act like complete idiots, unless that is what you wanted to accomplish.

I had a problem and Trey at Winnelson Co. Plumbing solved it. He was very knowledgeable of his job and product. He treated me with the respect and courtesy one would expect. I had the impression my problem was the most important thing on his mind. Thanks, Trey!

It's time for the Lowndes County Board to explain. Is it true that Davis went home instead of working his new assignment? And he is still getting paid? What leave policy is this? I have three children and was docked pay when leave ran out. Concerned about the children's education? What a joke. Just what the taxpayers don’t need.

Someone has very incorrect information. There is already a pinning ceremony being planned for Wiregrass Radiology program students. Celebrate the students rather than anonymously spouting incorrect information.

The Christ of King Episcopal Church held a wonderful program for the homeless and it was  beautiful.

There are so many people walking around talking on their cells in the stores and parking lot, that everyone thinks they are talking to themselves. It is dangerous and ridiculous that you can't do without a phone call for a few minutes.