Valdosta Daily Times

March 11, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Valdosta City Council praises decision to shut down the waste water plant? Are you on this planet? My heart goes out to all those poor people and businesses downstream you totally disregarded. Will you still be singing praises when the EPA fines the City of Valdosta?

The City of Valdosta has shown its citizens again their failure to lead. When SPLOST was an issue, all your efforts went into a new library and auditorium. You need to separate your wants from your needs. The Withlacoochee Waste Water facility should have been your highest priority.

I love how the city does something and the paper is all over it, but the county does something and it gets buried on page 4.

Thank you Valdosta Daily Times for your excellent reporting on “sewage-gate.” When governments become so arrogant that they truly believe they can do no wrong, transparency disappears. The city election in November will hopefully provide a chance for new leadership who will ask the difficult questions and represent the public that elected them.

Somebody should do jail time for the Withlacoochee spill. This is a danger to the health of people downstream. Valdosta is showing no remorse. Instead, they are applauding themselves.

A few years ago, the city had Travelgate. Does this mean we now have Sewergate? Remember all those thousands of dollars city officials spent on trips, meals, and rooms at the Ritz? How many manholes and sewer lines could have been fixed with that money? Shameful.

Why is it when the city gets caught doing something wrong, they blame the newspaper and try to get the editor fired? Keep digging, VDT. Something smells and it’s not just the river.

The city has covered up the sewage spills for all these years and thinks it’s OK. Can the governor please get them out of office so we can elect people who care about us?

I can't believe this — the city raised the manholes upriver from Meadowbrook in ’08 and then Meadowbrook starts getting all the sewage backups in ’09? And they knew it was going to happen? Explains why lawyers are calling me — that sewage is starting to smell like money.

What City Council would praise spilling raw sewage in the Withlacoochee River? We need to vote all of the City Council out of office.