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March 10, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, March 11, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Loud music outside your window in your office complex and you want to know what to do besides calling 911? How about you get off your rump, walk outside, and tell them to turn it down?

I think it is time for the city traffic engineering department to sit and observe at a few intersections to see how disorganized the traffic signals are. You would think they never have to negotiate the logjam at Ashley and Hill everyday. I also wonder why the left turn lane lights are timed to only allow two or three cars through before they change to red. I have sat through numerous light changes trying to turn south onto Norman Drive from St. Augustine.

The city couldn't build a wall and holding pond with pumps to handle the overflowing waters around the plant to prevent this after last time? EPA said the last time left contaminated soil that is carried by wind as dust, what about the health of the workers there and the rest of us? A few million for this is too much? But fine for new auditorium? Certain city leader(s) should be fired.

I agree with the comments about furlough days. Wasn’t that a one-year thing only? How many years has it been? Maybe somebody's calculator needs some new batteries. Wait, maybe they are not in the budget either. A freeze on raises is supposed to be for everyone. Good luck, teachers and students.

Do not lend money to your kin folks who promise to pay you back during income tax time. They never do or they will short change you. Thank you very much, to my kin  folks.

I wonder how our elected and city officials would feel if they lived on Meadowbrook and had untreated sewage coming up into their back yard?

It is sad to see the two large oak trees at VSU cut down. I know they had to cut them down due to damage. Hopefully, they will replant some more trees there again.

As a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, my advice to liberals who want to keep guns off college campus is to stop doing drugs. It would reduce the potential for violent crime on campus by 90 percent, at least. Most gun violence goes hand-in-hand with drug tracking. Liberals, with their appetite for illicit drugs, are the biggest contributors to it on a national level.

An enormous thank you goes out to the nice gentleman in the red Chevy Silverado Z21 who paid for my breakfast Friday morning at the Zacadoo’s on Perimeter.