Valdosta Daily Times

April 12, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, April 12, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — So you think that VHS should get rid of a perfectly good coach to hire another coach who is less qualified just because the coach is black? Because that is what they did in the movie.

There are many beautiful oak trees on the new side of Valdosta High School. I hope someone doesn’t go in and cut them down and then apologize  for it later. This would be a very sad thing  for Valdosta.

I will not vote another penny more in SPLOST as long as the current city politicians are in office. Your track record for mismanagement of tax dollars is showing, and you want to blame the newspaper. Dig harder, Valdosta Daily Times, and we may get a few of these folks into court under oath.

Can someone at the City of Lake Park please explain why Lake Park Elementary school had to go without water and bathrooms Monday for almost two hours?

Wake up, Lowndes County commissioners! You gave up a larger percentage of SPLOST monies to the City of Valdosta with the condition they do not apply for a MOST. It looks like that tax may be back on the city’s table. Did you get that agreement in writing?

I have read the Times’ two page unedited communication between the City of Valdosta and the newspaper. It is very difficult for anyone to “get their head around” the city’s accounting, not just your reporter.

Our mayor and selected officials are invited to a private meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss city business and the media is not permitted to attend? The timing by the Chamber president could not be any worse. What are you hiding? Be very careful what you discuss and what type of strategy comes out of that meeting.

The girls soccer game on Tuesday featured Valdosta hosting Tifton. While the Wildcats lost 4-1, the other team's behavior before the game (during warm-ups) left something to be desired. One or more girls on the Tifton team were not conducting themselves in a very lady-like fashion. The boys in the stands were hooting and hollering, but is that really how student athletes should behave? And where were the coaches?