Valdosta Daily Times

April 11, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Why is the Chamber of Commerce having secret meetings? According to their own website, they serve as the unifying force and focal point for enhancing the economic, social and cultural well-being of the regional community it serves. “The Chamber shall seek to accomplish its mission by being the voice for business within the community.”  They need to stay in their own lane.

I challenge the VDT to survey businesses in Valdosta to see what population of race is more employed. Racism is not depicted to one color.

So the local Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the negative stories from the paper on the Water/Sewer mess? What about Valdosta and its growing unemployment, wage decline, number of vacant houses, and no new industry/good-paying jobs in years? Are they doing anything about that? And what in the heck does the Industrial Authority director do, other than collect a big fat salary? The grass is getting much browner around here....and it ain't the water/sewer dumping on it.

VDT, thank you for the facts on the “waste water” issue. I feel better knowing you are investigating how our tax money is being spent. How can the city get awards on openness in reporting when the numbers don’t match? Are you investigating the Industrial Authority purchase of new facilities while still under lease at the current facilities that is “rumored” to cost $50,000 to buy out the lease plus a $600,000 purchase. Please report on how the winner was picked in the “downtown” project. Keep up the excellent work; taxpayers have more questions than answers. Sunshine is a wonderful political disinfectant. It will keep our community clean and attractive to businesses.

Rave for Erica with Valdosta City Water and Sewer Department. Her very kind service and the employees who pick up my garbage on Tuesday, thank you.

What is up with the new tag and title fees at the tag office? You have to pay 10 percent of your vehicles worth for a tag and title. Who has $2,000 for a tag and title fees? Ad valorem was crazy outrageous, but this is plain stupid!

Thinking out loud-Since most of the rank and file of City of Valdosta workers have not seen a raise in several years, would be interesting to see the ledger for the administration and all of those assistant city managers.