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March 29, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, March 29, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Careful what you wish for replacing ATT with Mediacom. I guess you will be OK until you need repair or customer service. You will then understand what I mean.

Why hasn’t the Valdosta City Council authorized the sale of Municipal Bonds to fund the new waste water treatment plant instead of waiting for grants or another round of SPLOST which may never be approved. You have had four years to solve this problem, but have done nothing. I have shown you a way out. Don’t wait till I get elected before you act.

Stop blaming everything on the EPD and start fixing the problems. You have funds enough to fix the problem in the critical areas. This will need to be done anyway even if the new plant is built. Don't be afraid to spend some of the taxpayers money saved up, it's our money anyway and we want something done now. MAN UP!

VSU employees have not had a raise in six years, but there is a “showcase” fund with $30,000 in it for a party? McKinney needs to check his priorities

To the ranter complaining about being tired of all the scholarship athletes at Valwood, I am willing to bet you were one of the many who cheered when Valwood won their championship last season.

How many more families in our neighborhood have to be terrorized by our mentally ill neighbor before the authorities do something?

Raves to the Valdosta Veterinarian Hospital staff. They are all dedicated, loving people. They care about our fur babies and we are happy they do. A big Thank You to you all.

It should be remembered that it's not the law abiding gun owner committing these horrendous acts. It's the criminal who, by definition, would break the laws anyway. Campus carry would be permitted by those with Georgia Weapons Permits and they must go through a background check to obtain one. Isn't that one of the biggest arguments in the current bill?

So you’re saying somebody is going to be shot because guns would be allowed on campus? Were guns allowed at Columbine? Were guns allowed at Sandy Creek? By banning guns from areas all you are doing is putting an open season on the good law abiding citizens so any wacko that wants can shoot up a place with no worries someone will be able to fight back.