Valdosta Daily Times

March 19, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The rant in Monday's paper regarding the Medicaid phone line is 100 percent correct. I have been trying since December to reach them, and it's the same excuse every time. I went to the office and picked up papers and carried them back, they were going to call me and I have never heard a word?

Rave for the employee at Sonic on Bemiss Road who helped me replace the dead battery in my car Sunday afternoon. He was a big help and kept me from being stranded.

I think Facebook should be renamed and call it “Two Face Book” or “Liars Two Face Book.” People go to church, jump up and down, shout, pretend to be a Christian and then get on Facebook and write all kinds of trash and lies.

You want to limit the places where card-carrying legal people can carry their guns? Well if you take it with you then you have to leave it in the car, the thieves break into the car and steal your gun while you’re inside. That helps a lot. I wonder why there are so many vehicle break ins lately. I wish everybody who can get a permit and pass a background check could take them anywhere. That would be like having 10,000 police instead of a hundred. Maybe the dumb criminals would wake up the and give up a life of crime.

The person should be fired who decided to do construction on River Street at the same time as construction on West Hill Avenue along with those supposedly directing traffic on River Street who are not coordinating their signs and hand signals to drivers.

The Obama administration is handing over the Internet to the UN, the one that the Pentagon and our military created. (Don’t tell Al Gore; he thinks he did all that.) This is another blow to liberty and a victory to all the dictators around the world.

So, we need to dispatch a fire department ladder truck and an ambulance when the school calls and reports a child is having an asthma attack? And that helps add up to those 4,000 calls per year? Is there any money in the budget for radios, coordination training, and proper use of assets?

Good job to the security at the mall. I was at the carnival Saturday and thanks to a pair of security guards I was able to get my stroller through a crowd of kids standing around doing absolutely nothing except making out, which they also broke up. All while VPD stood around. A tall security guard approached them and they started to move the kids out. If it stays like that, I'll be back next weekend.