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August 12, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — People need to stop complaining about the garbage pickup. The drivers are doing all they can and working long hours to pick up everything on the ground. Some of the drivers said they are working 70+ hours a week to get it all done.

It is illegal to sell your food stamps. That is why there is so much abuse with the system. This program was meant to feed the hungry, not buy other non-food items such as cleaning supplies, alcohol, and cigarettes. I do know what I see with my own eyes and I work and pay taxes and I don’t eat as well as some on food stamps.

I have seen the legal system release the same, sometimes known to be dangerous individual onto our communities too often, without any real consequences, to commit even more murders so long as the victims were poor and minorities.

Free breakfast and lunch for all students in Valdosta City Schools. How awesome is that?

Companies cutting employees’ benefits as well as the number of part-time employees that are only allowed 20 hours a week or less will only result in poor customer service and a significant drop in overall sales and service. In return, more layoffs and business closures. Take care of employees that take care of your business. Or keep hiring people that don’t care if they make a sale and treat customers with disrespect.

So who do I call to complain about the traffic lights in this town? They have been this way for ever now and nothing has been done. Do I have to make a video and show the city?

This is the rant and rave column. If you want to know how many dogs or people are allowed in a house in the city, call the city or look it up the city code. If you want the telephone number for the city, don’t write rant and rave, look it up in the telephone book.

The City is not too swift to send someone out to cut trees, bushes and tall grass. I called in some pitiful situations in New Wood Valley S/D. in May. Nothing has been done. I think it takes a crash with someone maimed or killed at the intersections before they take action. You know... nobody can sue the City, so why get in a hurry?

It would be nice to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Hardees in lake Park  and a good catfish house in Valdosta. We need it.