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August 5, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I don't see why people need to mind their own business, with so many others minding it for them.

I have been getting calls from solicitors, also, and I'm on the Do Not Call list. It will get bad for a few days and then stop for a week or so; then pick back up. The worst is supposedly an insurance company that never responds when I answer and when I block one number, they call from a completely different number, including area code, but the same city and state. This is harassment!

Instead of blaming the current administration for the cuts at SGMC, perhaps we should rethink who we blame. Blame the increasing number of people who don't pay their hospital bills! Healthcare isn't free, no matter what the administration in Washington says! And blame yourselves for voting them into office!

VSU's salary adjustment plan is unjust. Faculty who never published, didn't get involved, and never got merit pay will get five figure raises. While those faculty that got promoted and worked hard will be given peanuts.

I'll bet good money that if the waste sewage overflow was diverted into the mayor's back yard instead of the Withla"poo"chee River that at least a temporary fix would already be in place.

Hours have not been cut at SGMC. They have asked departments to cut back on OT. PTO will not be accrued for two months. Everything you mentioned in your rant was explained, or could have been explained, if you would ask instead of spreading rumors in       the community. If you're having financial issues, then get a second job. Want to make a six-figure salary? I hear a position opened today, so apply.

What's up with the fields of corn that appear to be wasting away on Bemiss Road?

It is hard to imagine that any other local government could be as frivolous as Valdosta's, in the spending of taxpayers money. Why would Williams Street, which currently has very generous lanes for walking, biking and driving, need the expense of a sidewalk added? The local  officials need to be        held to a greater             degree of accountability. Another SPLOST? Really?

The county and cities are arguing over the allocation of LOST, not SPLOST. If you are going to rail against government incompetence, at least       get your facts straight first.