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August 1, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Now that SGMC is cutting employees' earned time off, some of the executives need to cut expenses from the top, not the bottom. Doctors eat free every day, most of the professional building is still empty and the surgery center does very few surgeries every week. And now they're paying a financial consultant to identify ways to be cost efficient. Maybe they need to listen to employees and trim expenses from the top.

If the county and cities don't want to end up like Detroit, they better start now and curtail waste within our government. Our tax money is spent on salaries that are too high, and for jobs that are not needed for the day-to-day operation, and the safety of the public.

Complaining about a problem does nothing.         Solving a problem, ah... that's the key. So, what are you prepared to do?

Did we learn nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan, and basically every war since WWII? Why are we sending money and support to Syrian rebels? If we had a draft and had to personally write checks to support these war efforts, we would focus our efforts on peace and prosperity at home and stop feeding the war machine abroad.

Not enforcing three or less unrelated people per house around VSU hurts everyone. It hurts the value of the historic district, it hurts the city tax base as whole families avoid living in the area, and it hurts legitimate rentals that enforce the rules. This should be a top priority of the city.

Someone may want to inform the city engineer and the city leaders that there is a very good chance it is going to rain again. Causing the same sewage spills that have occurred in the past, time and time again. Blaming the sewage spills on nature is not an effective solution.

Staffing SGMC using a computerized system like a grocery store does will not work. Sick patients are not cans of beans that can sit on a shelf waiting patiently for the "minimum staff required per shift" to get around to them.

I paid $100 for my passport and had to pay another $100 for a replacement when it was lost in a house fire. I'll have to pay $100 again when it expires in a few years. Can't help but wonder      if the 800-plus applicants who received a passport at the Mexican consulate each paid $100 for theirs. I certainly hope so. An extra $80,000+ for the government! Somehow, I think not.