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February 21, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Again, I say that I own an AR-15 and it has never been used to threaten or kill anyone. It's used in recreational target shooting in a safe manner. Stop trying to blame an inanimate object and blame the human that misuses it.

I just wanted to give a big sorrow-filled goodbye to Mrs. Angela Sams at the VA office here in town. We hate to see you go. You are an Angel in disguise.

Small business is one thing, but what's the excuse for big business cutting hours to avoid paying health care? They aren't on the verge of shutting down, they're making millions per day.

Come on, Walmart on Perimeter, I came in to purchase one item and had to wait in electronics for 45 minutes until a worker that works up front finally came and unlocked the item I wanted. Then I get up front to pay and have to wait 27 more minutes in line because there was only two registers open. And this was around 7 p.m. There’s plenty of well-qualified people that need jobs. Hire, you need help.

As far as Star Parker goes, she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for all of those government entitlements she received.

For those too ignorant to understand, only FOX reveals the truth as to the lies, deception and corruptness by this liberal left-wing administration. While this country slips to ruins, our so-called leader enjoys another game of golf.

Gun nutters fail to understand the difference between 400-horsepower cars, private jets, poisonous snakes and AR-15s. A 400-horsepower car is designed for transportation as are private jets. Poisonous snakes are products of nature and the venom serves as a means of procuring food. An AR-15 by contrast was designed for the military with the express purpose of killing enemy soldiers with efficiency.

What is going on with the water prices? They are going though the roof.  And have you seen the late fees on your water bill? And if you have a second meter, it is now $8.59 a month when you don't use it. Maybe city members need to take a pay cut instead of raising fees in these hard times.

A good example of one-dimensional thinking that characterizes the anti-gun crowd, was when a previous ranter stated since firearms were invented by the Chinese for war, "the purpose and function of any firearm is to threaten and kill people." Actually, we’ve come a long way in 1,300 years.