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January 13, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Just because you are president of a bank, does not give you the right to belittle the senior employees in weekly meetings.

Don’t bother emailing the movie theatre about those movies that never play here. They don't think we’re important enough to bother responding.

I was very blessed recently when an angel in disguise named Richard was walking in Valdosta. My mom and I picked him up. It is very nice when God sends you a new friend.

Kerry said with the new Iran sanction easing deal, the U.S. will be “extraordinarily vigilant” of the Iran nuclear program. How were they looking at it before?

The Industrial Authority is a rip-off. We taxpayers are paying one mill per property for this un-productive agency. What have they done for our community? They are costing us big money. If you are paying $3,000 per year in property tax, you are paying $300 to them. We need regime change in the city and the county.

Selected in the top 5 of 14 that entered the exceptional main street program and our leaders say they’re proud of their 20 year downtown effort. 20 years, 7 SPLOSTS, and super rich historical minded home grown aristocrats to get downtown to this level!? Why proud!? Google Youtube Old Town Winchester VA. And it didn't take 20 years and 7 SPLOSTS.

An article stated that the VA is going to be reviewing disability claims. They should! That program is as riddled with fraud as any other government program.

A big rave to Ms. Simmons, a Kindergarten parapro at West Side. She is always smiling and has a pleasant, positive attitude. She loves all the children and they love her. This lady should be parapro of the year.

Why don‘t we get emergency notification on our TV  with Mediacom. We just get a blank screen. Are you a member of our community or just a big corporation coming in just to take our money?

A recent letter writer made the case that Social Security is indeed an entitlement. I agree. Welfare benefits, on the other hand, are not entitlements because they are not earned. They are paid by taxpayers via government programs that mandate a moral responsibility to help those less fortunate.

People paying with food stamps use a card to pay. I'm not nosy enough to notice what type of card someone is using to pay with, but apparently lots of people are that nosy.