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January 8, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Why are Governor Deal and the Tea Party "scum"? Simply because you disagree with someone doesn't make them idiots. I was once told, and fully agree, that the only real idiot is one who believes theirs is the only way and anyone disagreeing with them are idiots.

The helpful ground moles are like Taxed Enough Already (TEA) members (working to do good). The destructive lawn grubs are destroyers, doing bad. Protecting the destroyers always grows government the best and broadest. Good people don't grow government. Oddly so many attack Taxed Enough Already (TEA) instead of the political grubs, the 2 parties that destroy, like grubs.

If this global warming gets any worse, I won't be able to pay my heating bills.

College and high school football is over, now let's devote each January, as we always do, to complaining about Christmas tree lights.

It was good to see they finally caught that fugitive banker. But what about all the locals around who were responsible for the bank failure of Park Avenue Bank....that was a much bigger loss to the Federal Reserve and shareholders, over $200 million? Look it up, it's all online.

I for one turn off the Christmas light show after Jan. 1st. We run a big light show that many enjoy every year. It starts on Thanksgiving night and all the family have a great time that night. Thanks to Valdosta Daily Times for the great comment we saw in Rant and Rave section. Little town of Hanson has a bright spot every year.

On Sunday, my son had a serious diabetic reaction out in front of his driveway. As I struggled to help  him, Jon and Michelle (strangers)  stopped to help. They are both nurses and stayed with us until he was all right. Thanks to another man also who came to our aid. May God bless all of them.

Thanks to all of those who voted for Obama. Obamacare is just the right thing we need. My son’s  insurance went from $140 to $550. Now, will one of you voters please pay the $550 so he will have health insurance?

I have a large dog and often get tired of walking him in our neighborhood due to the speeding cars passing us. I was wondering if it was allowed for people to walk their dogs on the track like at Valdosta Middle School? Do people have a problem with that or is it even allowed?