Valdosta Daily Times

January 5, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The commercials airing repeatedly for the last couple of weeks for the starving children and starving animals were certainly very sad but inappropriate for family and holiday shows. While these are problems that need addressing, and I agree that children need to understand and be exposed to serious issues, happy holiday movies over the Christmas break wasn't the time for it. Shame on these charities and the networks for doing this.

The rendition of the National Anthem by the four ladies at the Rose Bowl New Year's Day was an embarrassment to every citizen of this great country. The composers of our national song wrote it as it should be played and sung; those ladies didn't even come close!

Vote Republican, defeat evil? You have got to be kidding me if you think that Republicans and Democrats are different. They both want power and more of your money. Patriot Act, anyone?

The reason my Christmas lights aren't down yet is because the Christmas season doesn't end until the Wise Men arrive. And anyone who knows their Bible knows that they arrived 12 days after the birth of Jesus. My Christmas decorations- tree, lights, all of it, come down January 7.

The reason you have moles is because your lawn is full of grubs. Get rid of the grubs, the moles will leave. Now if we could only do the same with Gov. Deal and the Tea Party scum in the Georgia Legislature.

Although my kids are grown now, I spent time with them both inside and outside. Maybe you should keep your nose out of other parents’ business and try to understand that there is more than your way to raise kids. By the way, my kids grew up healthy even though they played outside in the "bad" cold weather.

What do you suppose it will take to educate the extremely stupid and selfish individuals who

throw trash on the ground and out of their vehicles?

A flu shot at Rite-Aid was a great experience. It was for my husband and me; we were in and out in no time, and with no pain! We are so thankful.

Thanks to all the people who leave their Christmas lights up until New Year’s or maybe the day after. That is how we always did it. Thanks to

all of these nice neighbors.