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January 1, 2014

Rants & Raves

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The person Monday complaining about seniors deserving a discount. Senior discounts are not earned, they are a courtesy. The problem this writer, and so many others make, is linking Social Security as entitlements. We ‘bought’ Social Security. As a business owner I not only paid for mine but large part of many employees. If I had put money I ‘loaned’ the government for over 50 years, plus interest, I would be way ahead. The government is still using my money. Social Security should never be considered an entitlement. It was dearly paid for. Thanks.

Just another parent not wanting to spend time inside with their kids ranting that it is inside that gives you a cold. You can get sick from being inside or out, but even an idiot knows when you go out in the cold and dampness, you are apt to catch a cold. Drop your kids at the baby-sitter or send them outside. That seems to be the way some raise kids now.

Dear ranter, some people keep their Christmas lights up until after the New Year like me! Another thing, if it is my house, I will put my lights up whenever I want to.

Great shout out to the Elks Lodge and the job they do in the community around Christmas time. May God bless and we love you all. Thanks again.

If your medical bill has sky rocketed, you will be shocked with your electric bills. It is because your friendly Georgia Public Service Commission has sold out to your electric company and the government and they will be raising your electric rates.

Happy New Year to the person who took  the battery out of my boat on Francis Lake recently. Why didn’t you also take my reel, tackle box, etc. as well? They work well but my battery has dead cells. You saved me some trouble.

So, now President Obama is to blame for utility hikes in South Georgia? I have an infestation of moles in my yard, perhaps the President is to blame for them as well? Will conservatives ever come to grips with their own mental angst, trepidation, and hatred? It doesn’t look that way.