Valdosta Daily Times

December 30, 2013

Where will they go?

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — What ever happened to freedom of speech, or is it only for certain ones? I think children and grandchildren will be proud to know their family lived by the Bible. Read it.

The ranter does not understand that a cold is caught from people inside a warm home, not outside in cool weather. Germs grow in warm environments. Kids need to be outside, off their behinds, running and playing!

Come on up Bemiss Road Mediacom. After talking with my neighbors we would welcome you with open arms!

There are 364 days until Christmas and some people already have their lights up!

Hey Inner Perimeter post office, how about connecting the south part of the drive way to the mail boxes to the parking lot? I think it would allow for better traffic flow.

Why have a dog if you are going to keep it chained up in the yard?

Good job planning out the detour going east while the overpass is being built on 84. Now instead of going over one set of tracks we get to cross over four. Relax about traffic going down 84. People drive through construction zones all the time.

Dear neighbor, if you are going to constantly watch me don’t give me an evil look when I stare back.

Rant and Rave is the eyes and ears of South Georgia. Thanks so much.

How could it not be to the benefit of the whole society for everyone to have access to healthcare? We need massive reform of our healthcare system, but the pharmaceutical companies and medical communities will never allow anything that might reduce their incomes in any way. They have the money and thus the control.

Thanks to all the restaurants that opened on Christmas for those who couldn’t cook dinner for themselves or live alone.  Thanks so much.

Thanks to all the local law enforcement  that helped get the local motorcycle riders in the Toy Run from Lake Park to Valdosta. It was a great help and we appreciate the help you do.

City of Valdosta, can you please place speed bumps through out the 1900 block of Northside drive? Especially between Forrest street and Jaycee Shack Road. Motorcylists have turned this area into a drag strip. Even after midnight running at 80 mph. I’m tempted to place a clothes line across the road or back my truck into the road.