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December 26, 2013

Rant & Rave for Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

- — Your power rates go up because you do not pay any attention to who is elected to the Public Service Commission. They set the power rates, allow rate hikes, and set policy. If you elect someone who favors big power companies, your rates are probably going to go up. It is kind of an ignored state-wide office, with a lot of repercussions for citizens.

There is a local fish market where I frequently buy fish, with my money that I worked hard for. I see people walk in talking on an iPhone, buy crab legs, one of the most expensive items in the market with an EBT card (food stamps). $100 for crab legs when the same $100 could feed them several meals. This abuse of the system is wrong on so many levels. If you need help for food, you don’t need crab legs, prime rib, or an iPhone. What would be wrong with a commissary and give out food rather than let people waste/abuse the system? The way I see it, if you can have babies, father babies, ride a bicycle, drive and be active, you can work for your food. I’m sick of it.

So many let their kids go out in the cold, then they get sick and in return give it to everyone else. They don’t care as long as they are out of their hair for a while.

It is not the teachers that are the problem with education; it is the legislation that is the problem. They sit on their thrones handing down new regulations for education, not ever working one day in the trenches. Unhappy with the system, change the system by writing to your legislators and demand education be changed for the better.

Why does the local movie-plex show previews of mature-themed movies before a children’s movie? Last night, parents were shielding young children’s eyes so they wouldn’t see inappropriate material during a preview. These are not suitable for an audience of kids!

Regarding “Uncle Si”: He has a right to his opinion, just as his (private) employer has a right to theirs. It’s not censorship — try to follow. It’s sad when smart people like Si decide to act stupid. As for those who have read his comments and support him, You are simply.... Stupid. Sorry, but your grandchildren will be embarrassed by you.

The right to affordable health care is a good thing, regardless of whether you utilize every part of it or not. Both of these benefit society overall.

As a senior citizen, I worked hard and earned the right to a discount.