Valdosta Daily Times

December 19, 2013

Rants & Raves

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Who in their right mind would be so selfish as to blame a city for canceling a parade due to the weather? It was nasty weather Saturday, and nobody needed to be out, children in particular.

What’s up with changing the signals at the 5 Points intersection? Used to be able to move through that intersection. I am upset as a motorist. I am upset with the changes. Please put it back.

The Northridge fence continues to crumble, fall and deteriorate. It truly needs attention  Somebody is responsible for that and should be called to task.

Residents in the county having issues with garbage pickup? Not getting the response you would like from Advanced Disposal? Call Lowndes County Trash Code Enforcement. Watch the response.

To Tuesday's ranter dogging education, if you can do it better then go get your degree and step into a classroom.

For the person with waning confidence in education: Let's see you deal with no raises in six years, lost class time due to furloughs, a curriculum that has been changed three times in six years for some subject areas, and a student population that more and more no longer hears at home that their education is important. When parents aren't willing to tow the line and support the teachers, you get the mess we have now. We will, however, keep giving your child everything we have to try to open doors of success.

City of Lake Park uses SPLOST funds for another fire truck and police cars, but doesn't even mention fixing its worn out water system. Isn't the water the citizens and their kids put in their bodies more important? Waste, waste, waste those SPLOST funds!

You pro-charter school and home school advocates are so obvious with your anti-teacher ads. Public school teachers work their butts off, and get nothing but criticism. Uncaring, lazy, complaining parents are the real problem. Unruly, disruptive children stop kids from learning.

My premiums are going up 9 percent next year. If you say yours are doubling, either your insurance company is ripping you off or you are lying. Which is it?

Does anyone in Valdosta hire qualified people over the age of 55 anymore? We are stable, experienced, knowledgeable, capable, educated and trainable. I’m not saying that Valdosta has a problem with age discrimination but ...