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July 5, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, July 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Leaker, Spy, Traitor Snowden is not ranting against President Obama. Maybe Fox News should hire him and put him on a show with Paula Deen and Sarah Palin?

Does one have to be a gang member or otherwise a violent thug to play professional football in the USA? Does it help to have a felony conviction?

Any word on a new skating rink in Valdosta? Good, safe fun, with lots of exercise is needed here in Lowndes County. Freckles Skating rink in Moultrie is packed every weekend.

100 million dollars on a trip to Africa? Get the heck outta here!

To the ranter who says only parents show up at soccer games: I took my son to a soccer tournament in Palm Coast two weekends ago and spent at least $200 for a hotel room and food. If we had soccer fields and “only” parents turned up, they would do the same here, helping our economy. So, I’m OK if only parents show up to soccer games.

Again, if you have a green light, it is not illegal to pull into the intersection for a left turn. Simply clear the intersection when the light changes, that’s one of the many reasons there is a delay between the different direction lights. It is illegal to change your mind about the turn and re-enter a lane to go straight ahead or, and I’ve seen people do this, make a right-hand turn from the left-hand turn lane.

If you’re already in the intersection when the light turns red, then you have the right of way.

Left-turn protocols, soccer facilities, ice rinks? I think we need to face up to the fact that the region is changing. People are moving in from other places and we are all going to have to adapt. The past is over.

Show you the Georgia Code where it is illegal to block an intersection? Code# 40-6-203.

In response to the ranter saying it is a waste of money to build a soccer complex: Many parents, players, and fans are excited and happy to have the fields being built. Soccer is by far boring, in fact it is that most popular sport in the world! It’s not known as the “the beautiful game” for no reason.

You may not enter an intersection on red, but you may complete your turn after it turns red if you pulled into the intersection. Refer to the “Meaning of Traffic Signals” part of the Georgia code.

Why does the mailman drive all over the grass? He can reach the mailboxes from the paved road.