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December 14, 2012

Rant & Raves for Friday, December 14, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Great article on the upcoming Toy Ride sponsored by the Outback Riders of Valdosta. I appreciate what you do for this community and look forward to this event every year!

The Nativity performed by A Time To Dance Performing Arts Studio was an incredible and very moving show. Awesome job to Patricia Nealey who directed and to all the dancers who did an outstanding job.

To the person questioning why fire hydrants are running, it has to be done to maintain the quality of the water in the system by drawing the chlorine into areas of relatively low usage to keep bacteria from forming in the water. Chlorine residual levels are mandated by the state.

Amazing! I called the County Department of Public Works today to find out when additional information will be provided to citizens about what we needed to do, and when, to be in compliance with the new solid waste removal ordinance approved by the Commissioners on 12/11/2012. The response was: “We have nothing to do with that!” Huh?

To view the Christmas Light Show in Madison just travel down Madison Highway from Valdosta towards Madison. The light show will be on the right-hand side once you go through the little town of Hanson. You really can’t miss it!

Thanks to the Georgia Department of Transportation for finally picking up the trash on Madison Highway. It’s amazing how many people openly throw their trash out while riding right in front of you. That is a very well-traveled highway with folks coming from Florida. We ought to take a little more pride in the Lowndes County area.

You ever notice how often you hear, “There are some good people left”? There are awesome, loving people all over this area who would give the very shirt off of their backs to help others. Sure, we have our share of jerks, but this city is full of wonderful people. Blessed to live here.

The movie "Lincoln" was great! Isn’t it interesting to know that Lincoln was a Republican!

Thanks to Barbara George at Probate Court. She is so helpful. Thank you, Ms. George.

Valdosta High School should not promote PC: Because a high-production movie like “Lincoln” is well-made or well acted, does not mean that Lincoln was not a mass murderer and tyrant.

Maybe you should try delivering mail before you criticize the person providing you with this service.