Valdosta Daily Times

December 10, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Dec. 10, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

- — Will the addition of a few more houses around the base be worth losing 6,000 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars it brings to our local economy each year? Not to mention losing more teaching jobs and educational funding when all the families move away. To quote our friends from MNF “Come on Man.” Things are bad enough. Let's not cut our noses off to spite our faces.

I dread the construction phase of the Hill Avenue overpass, but look forward to having it. Now if only our local leaders could possess the wisdom to add overpasses for St. Augustine and Baytree to the next SPLOST. I think they would be amazed at the support.

Valdosta does not have traffic flow. Valdosta has traffic jerk. Drive from one red light to the next  stop. And so forth and so forth.

Obama's health plan will also penalize anyone that doesn't have health insurance with a nice fine. Also, if you read it, the government will have access to bank accounts at will.

For many years, I have taken the oath " protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...". Until now I didn't really understand what a domestic enemy was. Obama and the radical left is the greatest enemy in our history.

I don't do nice things to receive a thank you. I do nice things as a way of saying thank you to God, who delivers grace.

Southern hospitality hasn't gone anywhere. Some people have it, some people don't. When I pass by people I try to look them in the eyes and smile and 99 percent of the time they do the same to me. I get a lot of "good mornings" and "how are you?" from people on a daily basis.

What would it take to get the county school buses to slow down on Fiveash Road? I sent an email to no avail. Even though the speed limit is 35, does it mean the buses have to go that speed?

My family has seen many Christmas lights but that light show down toward Madison is the heat. I talked to Mr. Roebuck and he said they have 200,000 lights on this show. Special thanks to him and his family for doing this for us to enjoy.

Go TitleTown! Vote VHS and LHS game number one in nation. Get to voting on USA Today.

Everyone needs to go online and vote for Valdosta and Lowndes football. The voting now shows them fifth in regional area.