Valdosta Daily Times

November 22, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — While shopping at a store in the Valdosta Mall today, I was appalled to hear two young workers complaining about their boss, what an idiot the boss was, how the boss did not respect them, etc., while they completely ignored me. I immediately left that store and will probably not go back. Please, employers, teach your employees some customer service.

It would be nice for the restaurants in Valdosta and elsewhere to offer a choice of smaller helpings for those who are watching their weight. Most entrees are entirely too large and contribute to the obesity problem in America.


Everyone should read Ed Hooper’s latest column. Over 15,000 local fans tailgate for every Winnersville Classic. Why can’t our community show this amount of support for the “other” football programs? Our Blazers are seeking their third national title in nine years and could use Valdosta’s Friday night atmosphere during their remaining home games.

I like the beautiful Christmas decorations because it makes me think how the love of God for us gives us beautiful things to enjoy. I do think Thanksgiving is a good time to decorate but frankly it is not my business when people choose to put up a tree or not my business when or if they take them down.  

Blaming, finger pointing, accusing and maligning those who voted against SPLOST is not a path to go forward on. A republic operates on the consent of the governed. The majority did not consent, for numerous reasons, so it is good for the majority to let the leaders know they are going in the wrong direction and leaders must understand they serve the people and do not rule over them.

There are many people at the church who volunteer many hours each week to the needs of the church and its people because they are “called” to do so because of their beliefs and convictions. Why then is it that someone with a higher calling expects a six-figure salary? A modest salary with a modest home should be a gracious plenty for a pastor who is truly “called by God.”

Even though Lowndes and Valdosta lost Friday night, they both had successful seasons. The VSU Blazer football team is still playing and having a successful season. Let’s show West Alabama that this is Winnersville and show up to support the VSU Blazers.

I’m still waiting on the President to pay forward my electric, mortgage, cell phone, iPad, water, and gas bills.