Valdosta Daily Times

November 21, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — OK Liberals — your man won. Now hold him accountable for all the same things you held Bush accountable for: spending, honesty, transparency, work ethic. Bush had his issues, but Obama makes Bush look like an angel.

It's upsetting to see Christmas lights up already when Thanksgiving isn't even here yet. People's mentality is that once Halloween is over it's time to celebrate Christmas. Really? Shouldn't we give thanks before we overrun the stores to buy useless and meaningless presents?

Emergency responders (police, paramedics, firefighters) need to be as careful when they're driving to an emergency. Driving around the streets at excessive speeds can only lead to accidents where people could get injured or even killed. That defeats the purpose of having these types of individuals in our community.

If SPLOST funds were used correctly and not wasted on needless projects, then the people of this community would vote for that type of fund. People are worried that their hard-earned tax dollars will not be put to good use. Envision projects that will be a benefit to most, if not all, community members.

Please be aware that there are bogus letters, from so-called "investors" located overseas (Hong Kong), being mailed to innocent citizens in Lowndes County. They are inviting you to contact them for an opportunity to make money by investing with them. This is a scam, and for your own safety, please do not respond in any way offered by them.

People wanting to secede are not traitors. Past revolutionaries and secessionists viewed their governments as corrupt and abusive. The Civil War was about the erosion of states' rights. This current movement is about having a Marxist in the White House.

Medical costs are getting to be outrageous. And the doctors have the nerve to tell you that you need this test or that procedure done. Like I can just whip out my debit card and pay everything that they want done. I'm not made of money like you are, Dr. Whoever. Cut down on your costs, please.

I voted against SPLOST. Not because I do not want to see lovely auditoriums and other fancy stuff come to Valdosta, but because only the rich will be able to enjoy the things that SPLOST would bring to the community. The poor and middle class would sit back and watch their dollars being used by the rich, just like it is now!