Valdosta Daily Times

August 8, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Aug. 9, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Wait until the employees find out that SGMC allowed approximately 25 (50 with spouses) board, management and doctors to attend the VHA meeting in Florida in late spring. The venue was the Ritz Carlton. I understand they had to have their own room for meals. What do you think the bill was for 50 people for three days for meals, drinks, etc.?

The parents of those elite high school sorority girls in Saturday’s paper must be so proud. Pacifiers and pregnant bellies. Nice.

If the hours at SGMC have not been cut then why have I lost 24 hours off my next paycheck because I have been called off on my scheduled days? That is no rumor.

People complaining about salaries at SGMC, if you don't like it, quit. There are people out there who need a good job.

Stop the complaining about salary adjustments at Valdosta State. Helping those who make the least and the lower end salaries is not a bad thing. Great job VSU, for taking care of your employees.

Rename the Withlacoochee River to the Whiff-of-the-stinky River.

Does the City of Hahira have a code enforcement division? I'm tired of seeing Hahira "leaders" allow folks to live in their RV campers. Hahira seems to allow this to go on in people’s yards and even in the city's industrial park. These officials have been turning their heads on this matter for over a year now and it is getting worse.  

I'd vote against SPLOST, but I don't think I could take another year of childish pouting from the Times editorial board.

Congress has a mountain of work on their plate and now they take a five week break. This is exactly why big government is not, and will never be, as effective as the private sector.

If you don't like the way that the Industrial Authority is doing business, elect better local representatives. Just because you know someone, or go to church with them, does not make them good elected officials.

To the mayor of Quitman and the city of Quitman: Please allow some type of entertainment to enter our town. Just imagine the revenues it will bring in. You all are so stuck on busting meth labs that you forget about the money making endeavors!

Who is responsible for cutting back the vegetation at railroad crossings? I have to pull well past the stop line at the railroad crossing on Studstill Road to make sure no train is coming.