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July 1, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Key phrase: owner of the old mill. You should’ve bought it. It’s still America. He can pile it up and burn it if he wants to. Mind your own business.

To everyone griping about the mill in Remerton. Why didn’t you put up the money when you had the chance to save it? Is it because you don’t have the money? Of course it is. Was the building supposed to just sit for the purpose of “historical value” until it started crumbling down?

Please report any animal left in a vehicle or on a chain. This is animal cruelty and they should be charged.

Sorry for not waving at you on Sherwood Drive. If you were waving, you would see the glare on the windshield would prevent you to see who is driving much less who is waving.

I don’t think Paula Deen’s reputation is tarnished one bit! I think she should hold her head high and be proud of who she is and where she came from! Let the haters hate, that’s what they do best! At least she got out and started a living for herself and didn’t sit home on welfare all her life, but I bet no one cares about that, just about something that happened 30-plus years ago!

I can't understand how our country can survive with this President and his administration. Who is worse, the IRS or the First Family? They are on a trip to Africa and it’s only costing the taxpayers 100 million dollars! The IRS is ahead of those figures with all their parties and conferences and the inept leaders they have hired. The economy is in dire trouble and these people just don’t seem to care just as long as they don’t miss out on any trips or perks!

What happens when you are in the intersection waiting to turn left and the light turns red? You either block the intersection or run the red light. Both are illegal.

It’s not against the law to pull into an intersection when turning left. Show me the Georgia Code section that says it is.

Nobody watches soccer except parents, what a boring sport. It would be a waste of money to build a soccer facility. I would rather watch paint dry.

I agree with the person about the Remerton Mill. As a 28-year-old man, I have been in Valdosta my whole life and it’s going to be different not seeing that building there.

Going to your church office during lunch to do Facebook? Must be really deep into Christianity!