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April 25, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — It is amazing how many people misunderstand the Second Amendment. It is even more amazing that when liberals are faced with failure of moronic gun control attempts, they start misinformation campaigns. In this paper, there are regular attacks on the NRA. The NRA started as an organization to be sure black citizens’ right to bear arms were not infringed. The NRA’s agenda is to protect the Second Amendment.

If coaches want their players to give 100 percent and to give it their all, then they need to earn the respect of those players. The players have to admire and look up to the coach in order for them to play with all of their heart and soul. The coaches will be amazed as to what they’ll get out of their players if they learn and coach by this valuable lesson.

How ignorant as Southerners can we sound? There is no such word as vee-hicle. You sound like hicks on the radio and on television when you speak this way and it reflects on all of us as a whole.

You have to crucify your conscience on a daily basis to think like a liberal. Blurring the line between right and wrong and playing this mind game of extreme tolerance is a quick recipe for destruction. Word to the wise: They will take everyone of us with them if we allow it!

Trying to fathom the criticism of President Obama for not “showing emotion” for the tragic events. I want a leader who is calm and rational in a crisis, not one prone to histrionic displays of emotion. Conservatives it seems will stoop to any low to criticize a “liberal.”

The recent gun control vote results in the Senate did not show anything but common sense. The only thing gun control does is prevent law-abiding citizens from owning firearms. If a person decides to kill someone he or she will do it regardless of the law and it will not matter what type of gun that’s used. Assault gun or pellet gun, all of them require someone to pull a trigger.

The only people who continue to make race an issue are the ones who consistently accuse conservatives of hating Obama  because he is black.

One thing is for sure, the NRA and organizations like Georgia Carry are pulling the strings of spineless politicians. However, a majority of people support gun regulations such as background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines.

Apparently people believe it should be easier to obtain a gun than it is to be properly licensed to drive a car.