Valdosta Daily Times

February 26, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Associated Press

VALDOSTA — Thank you, Dexter Sharper for voting “No” for the gun bill. You are the only sane one.

I've been paying money to SGMC each and every month since my child was born. He spent one night in the hospital since then and now my current bill is over $6,000. I'm still paying every month but SGMC says if I don't pay them more, which I can't, they will send me to collections. Is there any help for the working middle class? We are paying all we can.

Really! This family is flat on our backs and all you can do is criticize. The funeral home did a fantastic job. You could have sat down if you got tired, but if you are that impatient you should have done us all a favor and stayed home. Shame on the VDT for printing such an insensitive rant.

A huge rave to the SGMC heart center. Once again I had superb treatment. All personnel were perfectly professional, caring and friendly. Special thanks to Dr. Cohen and Marissa. Bless you.

Was that Obama ranting on Rant & Rave? Said, "I vote that no more crackpot, ignorant, misinformed or any other comments be allowed which disagree in any manner with my comments. After all, mine are well informed, well thought out, and my way is the only way. If you disagree, you are stupid."

Thank you, State Representative Dexter Sharper for voting no to HB-875 which increases the likelihood for virtually anyone to own and carry guns, increasing danger to the public from sick people and those with hidden agendas.

Are we going through this Lowndes Hawaii trip thing again? Yes, it was approved. It's not mandatory and no one goes for free. The kids are given plenty of opportunities to raise the money for the trip, end of story. The chaperones, bus drivers, etc., may not be paying that much per person but they aren't going for free. Yes, $2,000 is a lot of money. But think about the airfare alone! Again, if you don't like it, don't send your kid.

Drivers, pay attention! When someone is stopped, making a left hand turn, stop! To the person who came flying up behind me on Highway 41 North this morning and decided to just veer around me to the right, I hope you truly had an emergency to get to. There was no reason you couldn't wait the two seconds it took for me to turn. Instead, you came within inches of rear ending or side-swiping me and my young child on the way to school.