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February 21, 2014

Rant & Rave for Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I would like to commend Alyssa that works at Winn Dixie in Lake Park for always being so sweet and pleasant when I go in there. Very sweet young lady. We need more teens like her.

You can write all the editorials that you want, but what the day-to-day employees are told and experience at SGMC relating to their job security and what they tell you are two different things. I am tired of my spouse coming home at least once a week with yet another threat from the higher ups that hours are about to get cut. Employees have made all kinds of suggestions on how to help save money, but they all get shot down.

I vote that no more crackpot comments be allowed here regarding marijuana legalization. Too much ignorance and misinformation.

Why is someone being allowed to speak on leadership, etc....who sat on a bank board of directions that failed, resulting in over a $200 million loss to the FDIC and US Treasury, shareholder loss , and employee job loss? Is there no shame? Wow.

While in my father's hospital room in the Dasher Heart Center, I saw a young family bringing a small flower arrangement in. They walked past the nurse's station, where there were half a dozen nurses gossiping about one of their mothers-in-law. Suddenly, every single nurse started hollering out to them. There was no excuse me, pardon me, none of that. Rules said that they couldn't take flowers in. The man asked why, since there were no notices anywhere, and the only reason they were given was "because." The family was polite, though unhappy, and a more polite male nurse came and explained it to them. After they continued on, the nurses went back to gossiping, rolling their eyes, saying how they should have "just known." It was extremely rude, especially since they were just trying to bring their loved one something to cheer him up.

I thought this was common sense or just common courtesy but I guess not. When you're standing in line at the store and the register next to you opens, the next person in line to be checked out should be given the courtesy of going to the next register first. The other day, I witnessed a couple of ladies run around the corner and cut off an elderly woman who was moving over to check out. Rude.

I finally got to see ”The Book Thief.” Sadly, I was unable to see it here. Why does our cinema monopoly show the same film on multiple screens and deny us beautiful films like this one?