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February 12, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Gotta love the new Industrial Authority’s fancy new Office located on Roosevelt Avenue. Nearly a million dollars of taxpayers money used to acquire the vacant building and renovate it. I believe there are plenty of vacant offices located all across town they could have just rented at a fraction of the cost. Just more waste of taxpayers’ money by the Industrial Authority.

Just wondering how the big James Road project is coming along?

Low-paying businesses will soon hear our local governments push for higher minimum wage. How do they know? Recall the many times they copied the federal government's agenda. Instead, remove the minimum wage law. Workers are money. No workers, no money. Without workers, the low-paying business owner is on welfare, too. Higher paying competitors happy. Minimum wage is a government growing business subsidy, plain and simple.

Will the Board of Directors of the Valdosta Chamber of Commerce please take a closer look at the leadership there? The Chamber needs to modernize and it seems the president is unwilling to do that. Time for new leadership.

Sure would be nice if Georgia Power was available in Lake Park.

To the person about pot heads. A recent study proves that marijuana has reduced the number of suicides in military members and others. Regulate marijuana. I mean it is all natural with numerous benefits, not just getting high.

Do prisoners pick up trash on the roadsides? If not, why don't they?

To the person who said that pot has caused suicides and murders, you sir/madam are ignorant. Where did you get such facts?

Thank you, W. G. Nunn Elementary School for the Father/Daugther and Mother/Son valentine's dance. That was a first class event. Thank you for the extra activities this year!

The church my family attends is a guilt-free house of God. Those who can contribute much may give from their wealth; those of lesser means give what they can. Our church reaches out to the migrant community, the poor, etc. without judgment. The ranter may keep his money if he wishes. God will still provide.

My husband was recently treated at SGMC Outpatient. We were really treated graciously and a follow up with a phone call checking on us.  Thank you so much.