Valdosta Daily Times

February 10, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Don’t put the battle against global warming on Christians. Yes they may be duped into voting for certain blocks because they are promised some of their principles are going to be upheld, but that is only for their vote, nothing gets done. It’s the Koch brothers and some big oil interests that are funding the war against global warming. Just because some of their unpaid talking parrots are Christians who spend more time watching nut-case “news” shows than they do in church, does not mean all Christians are involved.

Thank you to Melissa Powell and Chrystal Odom two SGMC Nurses who went above and beyond to help me last week. You two were my angels that day.

What do you want to bet the recent “stand your ground” defense murder cases in Florida (theater texting and loud music) were perpetrated by avid patriots and real American fans of Fox News?

Fox News viewers “learned” that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide and then were shocked when it was President Obama that won in a landslide. I’ll pass on that kind of “learning.”

Valdosta, why don’t we have more senior housing? We seem to cater to the college students. Other towns take care of their seniors. A lot of us don’t qualify for income-based but we also cannot afford high rent to be in nice, safe neighborhoods. Valdosta, let’s start taking care of our seniors, and building apartments that they can afford.

I agree with recent comments regarding the Industrial Authority, and I’m thankful the newspaper allows the majority opinion to make the Rant & Rave. Despite a lingering recession and acute work-force challenges here, they have done quite well. I wish the people of Lowndes County would lend more support to those trying to help this community despite pretty difficult challenges.

To all of the dog owners who let their dogs roam freely in Brooks County, shame on you! I’m sick and tired of your dogs pooping on my property. I’m sick and tired of your dogs getting in my face. It’s about time that the do-nothing county government pass a leash law and rein in this disrespectful behavior.

The tailgating and speeding will get you nowhere fast but in a bad wreck. You must not care much for your child driving as you do. Slow down before you can’t. Your child is depending on you to keep him/her safe.