Valdosta Daily Times

February 3, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I would kindly ask the person writing the Rant and Rave comparing President Obama's speech to Hitler to please consider reading history. There is a substantial difference between someone trying to make life equal for all Americans by putting more money in their wallets from a man who committed mass genocide against people of another religion and gave their personal possessions to his allies. No one who has ever spoken out against Obama has disappeared to never be seen again nor had their assets seized.

If you will notice, some of the litter along our once beautiful roadways is actually household garbage bags, some of which are split open from traffic hitting them and wild animals plundering. How can this be? It's futile for citizens to pick this mess up because the job is unending. I know because I've tried. What do we do?

Good ‘ol Valdosta’ pushing the panic button? The ‘panic button’ was not pushed in Atlanta and how did that work out? Thank you Valdosta for being ‘safe’ rather than ‘sorry’ as Atlanta was during the storm.

I sure hope the city is making the developer put in a left turn lane on Jerry Jones near Gornto or it is going to be a mess backing traffic up to the intersection. Come on developers do what is right before there is a problem.

How much longer is the 5 mil “Valdosta Downtown Tax” going to last? I just posted one of my property tax bills to my Ledger Card. I had a $2,200 bill and the portion paid to “Valdosta Downtown Tax” was $306 and $62 to the Industrial Authority. Let's defund both of these wasteful operations!

Thanks to the lady who found my cell phone in Sam’s on Saturday and returned it to me. God bless you!

Now passing new Immigration laws to allow even more immigrants in the United States, along with raising minimum wage is the most important issues. When we have the highest unemployment rate, underemployment rate, as well as those who simply gave up looking. Yes, let’s triple America's population and raise the wages. This will definitely create jobs and help the lower and middle class.

Valdosta needs to take a look at Tifton’s Tift Lift. It is a very valuable service to people needing public transportation. Tifton has a real good one.

Attention entrepreneurs, please bring a Long John Silver’s  back to Valdosta. We need one. Please and thank you.