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January 20, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — About the school zone lights at Valdosta Middle School...why are they even there?! There are no children anymore that are allowed to walk to school. The only people that crossing guard is helping across the road are college students. If by college they can't figure out how to safely get across a street, maybe they should have stayed home.

It is sad to see that Richard Raines has decided to not run for another term with the county commission. We need a responsive person like him in office. While I respect his decision, and counted on his decision making ability, I have to disagree with him that the county is in the good hands of its current administrators. We need educated people, with new ideas to take the county into the future. It is time for the “old guard” to step aside, and take with them the policies that have kept the county from progressing.

Good luck to the person in regards to not getting Atlanta news. I have written, called and contacted our representatives and people in the know. They say where I live  just south east of Valdosta that the air wave is owned out of Tallahassee. It is sad we have to watch everything out of Tallahassee. It would be great if we could get news out of Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.

I would like to commend Dr. Harrell and his remarkable staff this Saturday by showing of their extreme devotion, caring and compassion when we had to send our precious ShihTsu to his final resting place. Professionalism and patient care are paramount. Thank you again for the love and care you demonstrated with us and baby RJ, y’all are the greatest.

How in the world does Lowndes County Public Works always scrape our roads right before it rains and not after? All it makes me do is  ride in a bunch of mud. And I am so sick and tired of that.

I thought by calling 911 for an emergency, an officer would be sent out immediately, however I was told after calling back, that because it was time for a shift change, I would have to wait. Guess my emergency is no emergency for VPD. Guess VPD don't pay overtime for their officers.

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior; that my life has not deteriorated to the angry point that I keep a watch on some poor old beggar; that I do not write rants to the newspaper complaining about some poor old beggar leaving trash by the road, or demanding that he be “arrested.”