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June 15, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, June 16, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I am not a Wildcats fan but I agree with the stadium comments. VSU pays to use it; it’s not their stadium. I would be unhappy to go to a Vikings game and not see the logos or colors on the field because another team uses it on Saturdays. Lowndes County might support the Blazers more if the school itself acted like they cared more, instead of renting from the high school.

All of you libs were advised about Obama and his political agendas before you voted him in office not once, but twice. Now look at the state of our country. There is not one department head under Obama that does not have some type of mischievous act against them. Now you are already making up excuses for Hillary. This time the race card can’t be thrown around like a hot potato. ...

I usually go five  miles over the posted speed limit in town, but I swear if you people don’t stop tailgating me, I’m going to set my cruise control on 18 and make you even later to wherever you are going. Back off!

Why is it that you “tolerant” people always try to silence those with differing beliefs? You love to use the words “bigot, racist, or homophobe” to try to stop people from expressing any alternative opinion.

I totally agree with your assessment of liberals. They try to silence anyone whose opinion is not totally aligned with their beliefs.

Yep, as usual, you liberal folks spin the truth so hard you should be dizzy!

Good intentions only go so far — and trying to “equalize” everyone’s outcomes? Never works.

Amazing how clueless folks are when they watch their Fox News. They get caught up in Fox’s masterful manipulation of questions and answers so their brainwashed minds will continue to only hear what they want to.

“What difference does it make?” from Mrs. Clinton’s many answers on Benghazi this week, was a classic example of Fox’s diversion tactics of taking an answer to a specific point of an issue and turning it into the whole story. I can’t believe how so many of you can’t see that.

I see the city manager wants a tax increase. This is the problem with all levels of our government. Here’s an idea. Take last year’s budget and subtract 5 percent then let him figure out how to provide essential services with the available money. If he can’t, then he should resign and let’s find someone who can live within our means.