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November 29, 2012

Rant & Rave for Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — To the one who said that tithes was not demanded in the earlier church. Why don’t you do more research. Tithes was given before God commanded that we are to be obedient in paying a tenth — tithe. Tithes and offerings are put to use in paying the pastor, paying utility bills, Sunday School supplies, pay for a group to come to sing, fall festivals, and other activities in the church. Not all pastors and churches misuse the funds.

Thanks to the Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County. This group of dedicated individuals are working hard to ensure a quality life for animals in our area. The adoption events hosted by this group and the low cost spay/neuter program is greatly appreciated. Your diligence does not go unnoticed.

The biggest group of takers in America compose of big oil and farmers. Why are they subsidies? Especially big oil with their larger profits. These are your takers. But as long as you complain about your neighbor getting a little help you overlook what’s really going on.

Obama is a great president. I am a graduate student who works, pays taxes, and lives on $330 per month. Obama got me health insurance when I couldn’t afford it, and I don’t believe the         wealthiest country in   the world should let its own citizens die from lack of health care, easy as that.

To the ranter thinking that pastors keep 90 percent of money given to the church. Wrong. Most churches have a salary for their pastor and money is spent on electricity, water, etc. Money is given to charities, widows, ministry and various sources for the needy. That does not mean that some churches do not use God’s money correctly or wisely. But feel free to give to the needy directly then you know where your money is going.

The police wouldn’t come get the bums. They’d call the ambulance just like they do when you’re drunk so they don’t have to do paperwork.

Law for left turning traffic  is to enter the intersection if you have a green arrow or yellow arrow. Once the green light comes up you are to remain behind the stop bar till you are able to enter and clear the intersection. If you enter the intersection on a green light to turn left, you could be cited for blocking an intersection.

I rode down to Hanson and watched the Christmas light show. Special thanks for the family that made this happen. My kids loved it!