Valdosta Daily Times

July 14, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, July 15, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Sorry for people dumping and using your vacant corner lot. If you don’t have money to spare to keep up the vacant lot, or to clean it up, why not sell it? You’d then have money to spare, and you wouldn’t have a vacant lot to worry about people dumping on. Two birds with one stone.

If the city continues to threaten higher taxes if SPLOST VII does not pass, I guarantee it will fail. People don’t like to be threatened. Of the $80 million expected, $77.8 million is dedicated to water/sewer projects, police and fire department, all worthy projects. What about the remaining $2.2 million?

I was in total shock this past week when I witnessed business owners tell young children they couldn’t afford to give them a few dollars to help with traveling expenses for their ball teams to go to state. You people walk around with your nose stuck up in the air and act like you have millions in the bank, but you couldn’t afford a few dollars to help these children who worked hard to get where they are and represent your county!

I agree with the person that wrote in about trees and shrubs blocking the driver’s view. The place it bothers me the most is at the mall in Valdosta. As you are driving on the road that goes around the mall; you are required to stop at all stop signs. However, the people driving into the mall parking area aren't required to stop. Most of the time when you stop at one of the stop signs, you can’t see if someone is flying in.

Again, we don’t approve SPLOST in order to pay to improve private property. Now you know why voters vote against SPLOST tax when you misuse their money. Let the community come up with the money to improve private houses and property.

For all of the folks who want more homeless shelters, fine, as long as they are built in your neighborhood. More homeless shelters equals more homeless equals more crime.

Potential part-time employees, be sure to ask during your interview if that company has the 999 hours a year rule. If they do, you will not work over 20 hours a week and if their budget is low, you will not even work that. You will however work when they need you to do their job or fill in. You will also be used, abused, and at times accused.

I don’t understand why so many drivers here do not know that you are supposed to put your headlights on when it is raining. I saw several cars on Highway 41 at dusk in a downpour with no lights. It is a safety hazard.