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January 15, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — People who have been unemployed for a long time waiting to get a job and pay commensurate with their education or experience needed to adapt to the job market a while ago. If they didn't, they deserve to work at McDonald’s and not get another benefit extension.

Thanks to the extremely nice lady in the white Porsche at Chick-fil-A this morning for paying for my breakfast. I will pay it forward. That just made my day.

What I think every time I hear someone complain about a cable TV bill: you have too much money to waste. Cut cable and watch antenna TV and save $60 per month, which is $720 per year, which is $7,200 every 10 years. Get a life; read a book.

Everyone complaining about Mediacom prices and dropped channels. The mayor, council or city manager could stop this. A few years ago they had Valdosta set to have our own cable but the city manager canceled it saying Mediacom would lower their prices, which they did until the dust settled. Time to start the dust again.

As for the satellite/cable companies raising rates, you should keep in mind that networks want to get paid now, making shows like The Walking Dead not free (or cheap), and the cost for everything has increased (gas, rent, insurance, etc.).

Frustrated because the theater won't return your calls or e-mails? Then just go to the theater during business hours and ask to speak to the manager. It is that simple!

What do you consider an emergency? And how much should Mediacom put on your television? And when will you say it is too much?

To those of you that think it is OK to disregard the rules and walk your dog around a track that has a sign clearly stating ‘No Dogs,’ at least pick up your pet's fecal matter. Also, just a thought, why not take them to the dog park? What happened to common courtesy or respect for others? I would understand if we didn't have a dog park but come on people — it is only a few hundred yards away!

You are right, the students are back and are parking illegally. The people who rent to our students need to tell them not to park in illegal spaces. It does cause difficulties. Thank you for this attention. We are desperately in need of this.