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June 22, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, June 23, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — There have been numerous wrecks since the city removed the turn arrows from Ashley going south and Patterson going north. Either put them back or make these streets one way.

My child will be a freshman at Lowndes High this fall and I happen to be one of those parents that cares about appearance. I have looked all over the Internet and can’t find a copy of the dress code anywhere. Is there one or is this the reason the kids dress the way they do. Can anybody tell me where to find this information?

City officials: Now that they are making the opening larger under the bridge at the Florida line (Madison Highway), can you pursue the NS Railroad to make the opening under their bridge at the Gornto/YMCA location larger so that it is not a bottleneck causing flooding into city subdivisions behind it as it has in the past? They need only remove some of the earth support on both sides of the river and replace it with concrete supports. Problem solved. It takes time to deal with the RR, so start now! Thanks.

Again a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy. Good job.

Many military bases were built due to members of Congress wanting them in their states and districts. With the threat of full-scale conventional war reduced there is no need for the number of bases. Reduction is a fact of life and represents a change in the threat.

AT&T has blessed workers? Preventing somebody from hooking up to your lost phone is their job. It’s part of what they are paid for. You know, your monthly bill? That’s where it comes from. People shouldn’t have to be praised for doing what they are paid to do.

2008 Valdosta population 51,598. A long recession closed businesses, but the population grew to 57,597 in 2012 as blight and misery grew. Crime (reported and unreported) grew. Taxes on property owners and those still working grew. But the underground tax evasion economy also grew. Unemployment checks and welfare grew. 2013 population dropped to 56,481. Folks are starting to leave the blight, crooks and the loathsome. Will Moody leave, too?

Thanks to Ms. Catherine Willis  at VSU, Humane Resources and all the workers. They have been such a blessing and really helped me out. Thank you.

Thanks to The Valdosta  Daily Times for printing the article “Remembering the aging” by Leonard Pitts on June 17. It was a delight to read.