Valdosta Daily Times

August 5, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I heard that Alden Avenue is going to be widened by 12 feet. I heard this in casual conversation. I hope it’s not true, because I happen to live on Alden Avenue, and nobody has consulted with me, or called me. So I hope these people were simply misinformed because there’s going to be major trouble if the city starts tearing into my yard.

I agree that SGMC’s heart tower and parking deck are progress. As an employee, you are correct, without patients we would not have a job. However, without employees to care for your family member, they have no care. This is a catch-22. Patient needs and families are secondary. I have to be able to support myself first and SGMC is making it harder and harder to do so with all the cutbacks and hour reductions.

The article on SGMC’s benefits change in Wednesday’s paper was pure lies!! The CEO said that employee notifications are “going well.” That’s because the only notification we have had was the article in the paper. Unbelievable. Now they are forcing us to use their facilities to drum up business. How many ways can you take from your employees?

I understand that probation is for people who have committed a crime. However, Sentinel takes it a little too far. How is someone supposed to get their life on track if they’re constantly being harassed and threatened by their assigned officer? Someone needs to look into the abuse by Sentinel officers.

I understand as a motorist, pedestrians have the right of way. I don’t understand why taxpayers bought a bridge for the college students when it is not being used by the students as designed. There is a designated area for students to cross on Patterson Street.  If students are not using the designated area, who is at fault?

A big rave on the piece of SGMC cutting employees benefits. The employees’ loyalty has been eroded due to the hospital’s understanding of employee loyalty. Administration has not told us what else they are going to do. They just told us we are first and that is not fair.

A big thank you to Cass Burch for stopping to help my daughter and her child on I-75 with a flat tire and dead cell phone. He went above and beyond. May God bless him.

Shame on the VDT for criticizing the hospital and their financial decisions. Those employees should just be happy they even have a job. Quit complaining.