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January 22, 2013

Rant & Raves for Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the person who told me to "save my tears" for the homeless lady, I teared up at the Christianity I saw that day, not feeling sorry for the homeless lady. And yes, she probably does make more than I do in a day- I am a teacher after all!

Comment about the wheelchair riding on the road, is this any different than the golf cart driving in the neighborhoods? That shouldn't be allowed either. Especially when it is young kids driving them all over the street and right through the stop signs. Hmmm...bless their hearts.

I have to agree about the wheelchairs being used as a means of transportation. This is a very dangerous situation.  I have seen several almost get hit. Why won’t law enforcement do something about it? They are not street legal.

To the parents of the VHS girl in the mini cooper...make her leave earlier or take her phone. She almost killed herself when running a red light at a high rate of speed Friday morning. She would've been killed if I hadn't seen her first!

Thank you to Lashetha Brown who works at McDonald’s on S. Patterson  St. I ordered a sandwich, got to the window and my purse was missing, counted up some loose change which was not enough and this lady put the rest in. Thank you so much!

I guarantee the “homeless” people don't feel humbled or humiliated at all. Why don't we try it? Because most of us aren't liars and scammers. Last time I got scammed, it was by a guy who professed his and his wife's Christianity.

At the University of Illinois about 20 years ago, the student paper interviewed one of the well known “homeless” men that was always on campus. He admitted to making about $60,000 “tax free” from his begging. There may be a few who truly need help, but I won't give panhandlers a dime.

It's true that guns shouldn't be glamorized, just as drinking liquor or beer. Drunk drivers kill more people every year than people with guns. The problem is that people must separate fantasy from real life.

Funny, the group wanting to change the Constitution to partition electoral votes is the same group hiding behind the Constitution on changing gun laws.

Why are there still construction signs on North Valdosta Road when there hasn’t been any since November?