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July 8, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — As a walker, maybe I don’t wave because of road hazards, traffic, maintaining pace, have something on my mind, can’t see you behind your dark windows, or you wave at me so late that I can’t respond before you’ve passed.

I own a vacant corner lot in the City of Valdosta in a residential neighborhood. I have already posted no trespassing signs because people felt it was OK to walk their dogs on this lot and let them go to the bathroom and then not clean up after them. Today, I drove by and see that someone has dumped two tires on my property. I verified with the police. Dumping is against the law. I will now post no dumping signs. I also have to find a tire company and pay them to dispose of the tires. What is wrong with people? I work hard and I do not have any money to spare. I definitely do not have money to clean up after other people who are just plain sorry.

Don’t worry if you forget the bad things of your past. There will be a lot that remembers for you.

To the parents who bring their screaming baby to a 9:40 p.m. movie, DON’T! Or at least have the decency to take her out!

Last week someone commented on the dangers caused by trees and shrubs being planted so near the highway and blocking the view of drivers. I, too, think this is an issue that should be addressed by the city/county authorities to make for safer driving conditions.

Awesome July 4th 5K!

Can 84 be used outside of construction hours? Surely they aren’t working 24/7.

After I had to wait two hours after my appointment time the doctor had the nerve to ask me why I switched doctors! Duh! If I were two hours late you would have canceled my appointment.

Putting $4.99 signs all along the road is one thing, requiring people to have a coupon to get that price is another.

Driving a smart car or using a smart phone doesn’t make you smart.

A very prominent Assistant VP for SGMC recently said, “Patients will have no choice but to go to SGMC if we eliminate services at Smith Northview.” The Hospital Authority needs to understand if you take away a patient’s right to choose they will go outside the area for quality healthcare. Patients CHOSE to go to Smith Northview since their quality scores vastly exceeded those of SGMC.